Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sorry it's been so long!

I guess I thought I'd have more time to keep this up. Hmmm...
What's taken up my time? Well, holidays, a two year old, in-laws visiting, call hunting (still waiting to hear back from a few of those), and the usual other life happenings.
I've been knitting like crazy. It seems so many friends of old are having babies very soon. If you are a knitter and haven't discovered Knitty, you MUST check it out. "Sheldon" is the best pattern for anyone you know with a little one on the way (or rencently arrived).

Blessings lately? Here are a few...
  • seeing some wonderful new birds at my feeders
  • Knitting toys for friends' babies
  • Actually finding some old friends on myspace
  • finally getting back to my blog!
Don't give up on me yet! I'll be back again soon-promise!

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