Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Five: Whatcha Doin'?

Name five things you plan to do today.

Well, I too, am not working today. So here is what I might, or might not, get done.

1. Make pizza dough. Homemade is P's fave. I want to have some to freeze for busy nights.

2. Take a walk with Little One. This will depend entirely on the cooperation of the weather. I'm not too hopeful at this point.

3. I also want to get a big jump on my knitting. I'm pretty sure that my dear high school friend has had that baby girl of hers by now. (She went in Monday night for an induction.) So I need to hurry up and finish Sheldon!

4. Look over some old sermons and see about transferring them to digital media.

5. Catch up on whatever I didn't get done M-Th. That might be a little ambitious. But I can at least get a jump on the laundry.

Monday, March 12, 2007

On the way...

P sent out the sermon CDs today. Getting them to .wav file wasn't nearly as hard as I'd thought it would be. But by now, FedEx has them en route. Kinda scary. 'Cuz here's the thing. This is the only church as yet that's gotten as far as asking for sermon recordings. But see, it's a church in a state that I don't particularly think I want to move to. Now, I know, I know, maybe God has other plans for me than I do. I don't discount that at all. It's still really hard though. I keep hoping another church somewhere else will step in and save me from having to move to this other place.
The other hard part is trying to find a church that's near enough to a good sized city so that P could also find a job. Oh, did I mention that I'm called to small church ministry? Yeah, that complicates things a little.
But I'm still waiting and I keep checking for more opportunities. Nothing's set in stone until I sign the papers, right? Prayers are welcome... no, coveted.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

the digital age

So today my plan is to record old (some are very old) sermon tapes into a digital format so I have an easily accessible way to make CD's to send to churches who might, or might not, think it impressive that I did not send them cassette tapes to listen to. Videos are out since not a single church I've preached in has a camcorder, nor do I myself. ...Well, my digital camera takes about 60 seconds of video at a time, but that obviously won't do.
I have this fancy setup so I can either 1) record the cassettes from the stereo onto my hard drive, or 2) re-record from a microphone onto the harddrive. I gave myself option #2 because I don't know how good the quality of some of those older cassettes is going to be. I think it's pretty cool, but then, I'm easily impressed by technology. P has offered to take L out for the afternoon in case I need the quiet to re-record any of them. (Is that cheating since I'm not preaching in front of a congregation? Somehow it seems strange to send out a sermon I preached to my reflection. On the other hand, I did preach it at least once to a congregation. Maybe that's what counts.)
Either way, I think it's really cool that I'll have voice recordings of my sermons on my computer.

Friday, March 09, 2007

My first Friday five... A Matter of Taste

I need a quick break, and this seemed like a good things to do while I sip a cup of tea and then get back after it.

1. Seafood: especially shellfish- crab, lobster, scallops, etc. I love them all. P, well, I've seen him literally gag on a scallop I cadjoled him into trying one time.

2. Mushrooms: I love mushrooms. Sauteed in butter, sliced in a salad, in a marsala sauce, you name it. P feels the same way about mushrooms that he does about shellfish. He says it's a texture thing...

3. A softer matress: P likes it hard as a rock. I would love a nice fluffy pillow top... someday.

4. Herbal Tea: The people I work with think the world moves on caffeine and can't understand why I drink the stuff. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my morning coffee too, but I love to unwind with herbal tea when I don't want the caffeine. I've been asked numerous times, "What's the point?" I think it would be useless to try and explain it to a non-tea drinker.

5. Warmed Leftovers: That's right, I like to reheat last night's casserole before I eat if for lunch. I like to zap leftover spagghetti in the microwave before I enjoy it again. P just doesn't understand why I bother. I think he's passing this on to L, too. I saw them sharing cold spagghetti-o's the other day. Ick!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Chocolate and...

I'm curious to know what your favorite addition to chocolate is. Or if you're a purist, whether it's to milk or dark.
Personally, I think dark chocolate covered marzipan is the best combo, otherwise, plain dark is the way to go. I like chocolate and cherry, too, though, and orange, oh, and that Hagen Daaz (sp?) Mayan chocolate with the cinnamon, mmmm!!!! OK, so really chocolate isn't bad with much of anything. If you have an opinion, weigh in (and just blame it on water weight, not the chocolate.)

Knitting therapy and Jesus bones(?!)

Well, at the moment I am, let's say, between jobs. I am seeking a call at the moment, and even have some irons in the fire, but the staying at home full time in the meanwhile is a bit much on the nerves. So, I knit... a lot. (I still maintain that it's a weight loss tool.) While Little One and I are having lots of fun together, I do look forward to handing her over to Daddy when he gets home. She's still at the age where she needs constant attention--though I'm not sure there's ever an age that doesn't, maybe once she moves out?
At the moment, I have 3 knitting projects going. A pair of socks for DH, a sweater for DH, and I'm trying my hand at felting, or fulling, as some people prefer to call it. It's cool. I did a swatch- you actually shrink things on purpose. I have a hard time with this, as the sweater I'm currently working on is to replace one that I shrunk accidentally. So I bravely knit on, knowing it will soon be 3/4 (or less!) it's original size.

Did anyone else watch the "Tomb of Jesus" docu-drama on Discovery last night? I thought it was well done. Maybe not scientifically iron-clad, but it put forth a lot of good questions. My DH, a good scientist and pretty good Presbyterian himself, has been talking about it alot and asking such good, heretical questions, as "So what? If the idea is that Jesus died for our sins, it's the dying that's important right? And if there are bones, there must have been death." Ooo, we had to have a discussion about the resurrection after that, but I'm not sure he's convinced. I'm also not convinced even a little that what they had on the film was the tomb of Jesus-though it was fun to talk about all the questions it raised. I love a good theological discussion late at night!