Monday, March 05, 2007

Chocolate and...

I'm curious to know what your favorite addition to chocolate is. Or if you're a purist, whether it's to milk or dark.
Personally, I think dark chocolate covered marzipan is the best combo, otherwise, plain dark is the way to go. I like chocolate and cherry, too, though, and orange, oh, and that Hagen Daaz (sp?) Mayan chocolate with the cinnamon, mmmm!!!! OK, so really chocolate isn't bad with much of anything. If you have an opinion, weigh in (and just blame it on water weight, not the chocolate.)

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Mother Laura said...

Dark chocolate with almonds. Or dark chocolate fondue with strawberries, poundcake, pineapple, etc.

Not so big on marzipan, though--although I guess it is made from almonds.