Saturday, March 10, 2007

the digital age

So today my plan is to record old (some are very old) sermon tapes into a digital format so I have an easily accessible way to make CD's to send to churches who might, or might not, think it impressive that I did not send them cassette tapes to listen to. Videos are out since not a single church I've preached in has a camcorder, nor do I myself. ...Well, my digital camera takes about 60 seconds of video at a time, but that obviously won't do.
I have this fancy setup so I can either 1) record the cassettes from the stereo onto my hard drive, or 2) re-record from a microphone onto the harddrive. I gave myself option #2 because I don't know how good the quality of some of those older cassettes is going to be. I think it's pretty cool, but then, I'm easily impressed by technology. P has offered to take L out for the afternoon in case I need the quiet to re-record any of them. (Is that cheating since I'm not preaching in front of a congregation? Somehow it seems strange to send out a sermon I preached to my reflection. On the other hand, I did preach it at least once to a congregation. Maybe that's what counts.)
Either way, I think it's really cool that I'll have voice recordings of my sermons on my computer.

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