Monday, June 25, 2007


Ah, this weekend begins the marathon vaction spree. We leave early, and I mean early, on Saturday to drive all the way to MD to see the in-laws. My darling P is what I like to call a "trip Nazi." There is a schedule, it must be adhered to at most, if not all, costs. Grumpiness and surliness ensue if this does not occur. I believe he intends to make the 14+ hour trip in one day. Did I mention our daughter is in the midst of potty training? I have a feeling this is going to be a rather tense trip. We will return, also in one day, one week later. Six days after we return, P working a full work week, we will begin our trek to my parents' place where we will all rent a minivan and begin our 2-day trip to Canada. We will spend those 5 days trying to recover from said trip, which usually takes till day 3 or 4, and then we will actually be relaxed for one or two days, and then make the trip back again. All with a potty-training almost-three-year-old. Thank God there will be family around to help! Am I looking forward to it? Sure, most of it anyway. I am very lucky to have wonderful relationships with both my own family and my in-laws. Will MIL hover and ask me a hundred times a day if I'm all right or if I'm sure of whatever decision I've recently made? Sure! But she means well and just wants everyone to be happy and she likes me and doesn't mind that I've married her son. And for that, I'm very grateful.
Well, I need to start preparing, at least mentally, for the trip. Ciao for now!

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