Thursday, August 30, 2007

I hate bureaucracy

Yes, I had to spellcheck 'bureaucracy.' Anyway, I got an unofficial-as-of-yet call from the Church Much Nearer to the In-Laws recently. That's the good, no, great, news. I got a relative time table from them today of how they hope meetings and such will go for me to be examined and approved. If you've ever been part of 'the process,' especially in my denomination, you understand. Basically, nothing will even start until early Oct. and probably won't be finished until late Oct. We can't even think about big things like moving until the final approval of the presbytery at the end of Oct. Which means I probably won't be able to actually start working until mid- to late November. This is freaking out P. He's a very type A and likes things to move quickly and efficiently. Bureaucracy does neither, I'm afraid.
So, while I'm incredibly excited, I'm also very stressed and nervous about all the big changes. Buying a house, I need a new car, getting L into a good preschool, etc. Wow! Writing it out like that really makes it seem even more daunting.
Well, I'm sure the excitement has just begun with much more to come.
If you have a few prayers to spare, we'd love 'em over this way.


Teri said...

woohoo! congrats! I hope it all works out.
Which presbytery are you hoping to labor in?
I hope your process goes can be such a drag or it can be fun. Alternately, it can be both, since there's so much of it!

Andy Meyers said...

Congratulations on your new call! We're so excited for you! Hope you, P, and L manage to make it through all the transitions okay. Trust me, P may want it to quickly and efficiently right now, but a few weeks from now he'll probably want to get off the roller coaster and go back to a simpler life. :)