Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Cheatsheets

This weekend we are all travelling up to the town of Church Much Nearer to the In-laws to let P and L meet some of the PNC folk and give P a chance to tour the area a little. I will be in a meeting with the presbytery's Committee on Ministry (COM) for an examination for approval. This is one exam with no cheatsheet. I have no idea what they will want to know. I've already sent them a bio and statement of faith. I'm hoping the Spirit will be there and grace will abound. I have been in plenty of committee meetings where that wasn't the case, especially at the presbytery level. As long as they don't get too political, and keep to theology and faith and such, we'll be golden.
On the other hand, I know P is really excited to see where we'll soon be living and working. It's a beautiful area, less than an hour from the shore, lots of great cultural attractions. And it's a mini-vacation for us because every time I visit, they put me (us) up in a swanky, brand new Hilton right on the river. (Ok, so it wouldn't be my choice to line Paris's pockets, but they're making the reservations and I'm not paying for it.)

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