Monday, February 04, 2008

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down

I actually got my liturgy for Ash Wed. done today (two days ahead-gasp!) I'm going to burn some palm-like grass that grows behind our apartment since I guess no one saved the palms from last year. No big. If I get desperate, there's always old hymnals laying around (inside joke). I'm just hoping that someone besides me and P show up. I don't have a congregation that is much for showing up outside of Sunday mornings. Gotta work on that. Maybe they just haven't been inspired? Dunno.
I did have coffee with our realtor today. He had a much bigger list of prospects than I expected, so I'm going to weed through them and maybe even go look at a few on Friday. Wow! This is moving fast now. Petty exciting.
I find myself now a mentor to an inquirer for ministry. She is a second career and taking all her classes online right now. I'm curious to see how that will work out. I look forward to guiding her through the process and hopefully helping to make it a good deal smoother than mine was.
Got a stack of new books in the mail today from Upper Room press. Can't wait to dig in. A couple are for my inquirer, though I wanted to read them before getting her a copy. I don't like to give away books that I haven't read, even if they come recommended to me from someone else.
Hope everyone has party plans for Mardi Gras. In honor of my Louisiana childhood I say, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

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Teri said...

pancakes tomorrow! woohoo!

You know, next year you can order your palm ashes from cokesbury...that's what we do. Last year we ordered on Monday and had them Wednesday morning--just in time. LOL! this year the secretary ordered them at the beginning of January and has been hiding them from us so we don't lose them. she just handed out the packets to me and the SP today. heehee!

(I too just finished the liturgy this afternoon at 4.30.....but no sermon yet. minor detail...)