Monday, February 11, 2008

We put in an offer for a house today. Everyone send prayers that it's accepted. We found out that there is at least one other offer on the table, so here's hoping they like ours best. I'll definitely keep this updated with how that goes. I can't wait to get out of our teeny tiny apt. and finally have all our stuff out of storage.
In other (older) news, I did end up with 15-20 people at my Ash Wed. service--way more than I expected. I was going to be happy with 6 or 8. So that was encouraging.
Oops! Gotta run, didn't realize it was time to go get L from preschool. More later...

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more cows than people said...

praying for an accepted offer and that you will soon have an opportunity to settle in.

if you email me at morecowsthanpeople at gmail dot com I will gladly tell you now where I am going next.