Monday, September 15, 2008

I guess it's time

This is the week I will be telling my session that they are going to have to start thinking about a maternity leave policy for me. I'm not terribly worried that they will freak, but maybe just a tiny little bit nervous, since no matter how you cut it, I'm gonna be out over Easter. I'm due the beginning of Holy Week. Oops. (Wasn't thinking that far ahead in the heat of the moment!) I don't think we'll get that far though. I think she'll make her appearance by the end of March. (FYI, I don't know if it's a girl, just hoping.)
We do have a woman who is working on her M.Div and who would certainly, I think, enjoy the chance to fill in for some or even all of that time, though we'd have to find an ordained person to come in to do communion.
I think people sort of expected this to happen sooner or later. They knew they were hiring a young woman with a young family who might want at least one more kid. We'd talked about that a little in my interviews. We'll just have to see if they panic about my leave time and being out over Holy Week and Easter. I'll have only been here about a year and 3 months by the time that swings around. Hopefully the new baby will quickly charm them into forgetting that part.
So around 7pm EST on Wed, say a quick prayer, k?


Teri said...

congrats! P must have come around?

do tell everything when this all goes down on Wednesday!

more cows than people said...

woohoo, rivkah!!!! i have another friend due right around then too, also a pastor!!

hope all the arrangements go smoothly!

and have a happy and healthy nine months dear one!

Rivkah said...

teri, I wouldn't say he exactly came around. He's still a little, ok, a lot, ambivalent about it, but it just got to the point that it was something I wanted deeply enough that he consented and said he'd be a responsible dad and love the kid even if it wasn't something he was excited about. (I think he'll fall in love when it's here, so I'm not too worried.)
The church was great. They're very excited and supportive. The worship chair was teasing about my timing since my due date is the beginning of holy week, but I told him he has plenty of time to find a fill-in, so no fussing.