Monday, April 16, 2007

The Blessings of Family

I keep getting emails from people whose names I heard all growing up but can never quite put faces with. Turns out Dad is contacting everyone he knows in the PC(USA) to tell them his little girl is looking for a call. It's really nice to know I have that many people looking out for me. Kinda flattering really, though I know it's really more for love of him than me. Still, I have even gotten a couple of good leads that way.
My MIL was here over the weekend. She was so much help just entertaining L, that I actually got some time to myself. We all went to the opening weekend of the Renaissance Festival which was a great time. It was nice to go do something together as a family that we all actually enjoy doing. L is just old enough now to like the little petting zoo they have and some of the brightly colored costumes and the music. We'll go back at least once, probably on Highlands weekend so P can wear his kilt. MIL bought me a beautiful blown glass vase from a man who we've seen do demonstrations on several occasions. I'm excited to actually have a piece of his work.
On a totally different note, L read her first word today. "Zoo." She didn't actually sound out the letters, but she recognized it after reading it over and over and over and.... well, if you've ever read to a two year old, you know. That was pretty exciting and I had to tell all the grandparents. They were all suitably impressed and very proud. Me too.
P is gone all this week and part of next to Albany, GA, on a job. I really hate these long trips, especially when they encompass a weekend. He hasn't had one in a long time, so I guess I won't complain too much. At least not yet; I'll save that for closer to the weekend.

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