Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So many projects, so little time.

I know most of my RGBP friends are working on Holy Week, pulling things together for Maundy Thurs, Good Fri, and maybe even an Easter Vigil before the big day of resurrection. While I don't envy them, I do miss preparing services and letting my creativity be used for God's purposes.
So, instead, I let my creativity be used for knitting purposes. I finished Sheldon last night and now I need to get back to the socks I was knitting for P that were interupted when DOF had her baby. Of course, that's not the only project I have going. Oh, no, not hardly. What else, you ask? Well, I'm also working on a lovely wool sweater for P-I shrank a store-bought one of his a while ago when he neglected to tell me he'd thrown it in with the regular laundry. Lesson learned: always re-sort hubby's laundry, even if he says he already has. I also have another pair of socks, okay, actually only one of a pair that needs a mate. Those are for me. I can't remember the last time I knit something for me. I wonder if that second sock will even get done. Someday, maybe. My sister asked for a pair of socks, but I don't even have the yarn for that yet. But it's always nice to know I have a project waiting. I also have a baby blanket that is perpetually in progress. I'm also working on a project to felt (shrink) that will become a needle case for all of my loose knitting needles. I'll have to start another Sheldon again here in a couple of months for a friend due towards the end of June. But until then, the socks are probably the way to go since it's getting quite warm down here in GA and an all wool sweater might be a bit uncomfy to sit under. And at some point, I really want to knit an adorable little wrap dress I saw for my Little One. So... let's get knitting!

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