Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Second one down

I wanted to make this a separate post since it's a totally separate matter. But I did have my other phone interview with the Church Much Closer to the In-Laws. They really seemed interested in me. We talked for close to an hour, and it was a good hour, not the kind that seems to never end. By the close of the conversation, they were already asking me when I could come up for a neutral pulpit. So pretty soon after returning from Canada, it looks like I'll be off on another trip of a much different nature. I'm hoping they'll feel like flying me up there, I don't think I really want to drive for 9-10 hours before preaching and then turning around and doing it again to come home. Especially if I have to do it alone, which it looks like I may have to since P will be negative on vacation after we get back from Canada.
This church did exactly what I hoped and asked good questions. It was clear they'd read my PIF and drawn questions from it and they'd been well led by their interim as to who they are and what they need from a pastor. I was pretty impressed. And I think they were too, which is a very good thing for me.
On the other hand, I have no idea what this area will be like to live in, other than it seems to be rather expensive, at least the housing market is. But then again, this church is also offering a whole lot (and I mean a whole lot) more to a first time pastor than anywhere else I've looked. Of course, it's also fairly close to a very popular east coast beach area, and though I don't go beach crazy like some folks, I do enjoy it on occassion, but even better is that it's also right on a reservoir that is a great recreational lake area. I need to do a little research on the area. But it is well-populated enough to be a likely area for P to find a job too. That's my main concern on the family front.
Well, I do need to get going on all that post-vacation-no.-1 laundry. I'll let you know how things are going. I hope to hear back from Church Much Nearer to My Family soon about whether or not they want to do a face-to-face or let me go. That'll be big news. Until then.

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