Monday, November 05, 2007

Coming soon...

In three weeks from today, I will be starting my first day in my new office. (Which, btw, the church is gutting in honor of my arrival and letting me pick everything from the wall color to all new furniture!) I will have to study and preach for a few months out of only one box of books that I will ship up in advance. Sounds impossible, but I suppose it can be done, or rather, it must be done, as the rest will be in storage for a while. Gotta get that packed and sent this week.
Two weeks from today, I will arrive in our new hometown. I will begin searching for quality child care for L. I will begin a lengthy, involuntary separation from P. He is searching for a job in the area, but is not sure how long it will take, so he is going to stay in City of Current Residence with his aunt and uncle until he's found a job and is ready to start work up there. I will also have all the animls with me. Gee, I can't wait to drive 9 hours with a 3 year old, a med-lg. dog, and two cats in the car. Oh, and somehow I will need to pack our luggage in there too. That's a tall order, even for Ru.
I feel like there is so much to do right now, though really there isn't. The movers will pack our stuff and store it. P has found a furnished apt. for me and L to live in for a while. We're waiting until the first of the new year to look at houses on the advice of our realtor who feels we'll get more for our money that way. P has found a place to stay. Mostly I just have to sit here and stew about all the changes happening in the next few weeks.
One week from today... it pains me to say, I will begin to acclimate my body to waking up early (well, earlier, anyway), getting in the shower, and being ready for my day before lunch time, as well as getting L ready for her day at the same time. Yeah, it's noon, I'm still in my pj's. What's it to ya?

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Teri said...

happy moving!

and can I just say, one of the best perks of being a pastor is the ability to set your own schedule (at least to a certain degree). I do not appear at church before 10am except on Sundays. Because, really, why? I can stay in my pjs and work from home at least two days a week if I want. Good times! You should float that with your people. :-)