Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's amazing how making huge life changes can bring out the best and worst in me. I'm feeling really out of control right now. Things aren't panning out for our move like I wish they had. L and I are going to be in a hotel (assuming we find one in the area that takes pets) for several nights, then we're driving about 4 hours to the in-laws for T'giving. Then we drive back, then we move into an apartment. Oh, and btw, I will be sans husband for all of this.
You might think that we could wait and go up later, but I start work the Monday after T'giving and I have to have a few days to find a childcare-giver for L before I start working and then of course the apt complex said they won't have anything available until after the holiday so we have to find a hotel that takes pets. So I figured I might as well drive to the in-laws for the holiday so I'm not paying for the hotel for all those nights. It's be way cheaper to board the animals than to stay in the hotel. (Can you hear the manic rise in my tone of voice? It's there, I assure you.)
On the up side, I'm getting rid of three + years of junk that's piled up in our house and it feels good. I have checked off finding an apartment, boarding the cats over T'giving, and making vet apts. to be sure everyone is healthy for the move (and can be tranqued for the drive). That looks like so little in writing... yikes.
I suppose I should get back to it.

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