Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 2

Got L to preschool this morning. She told me "can't want to stay" again. Started the screaming and crying and throwing of self on the floor as soon as she saw her teacher. I didn't stick around today, just hugged her and told her I would be back for her later. Didn't fall apart either. Much easier today than yesterday.
I did get a brief chance to talk with her teacher though. She said that L did pretty good yesterday after she calmed down. She said that L even took a nap-miracle!-and that she made a friend to hold hands with (a cherubic little curly blond named Megan). Teacher (Ms. J) went on to say that today would probably be pretty bad, tomorrow some better and next Monday would be bad again (after getting to be at home with mom, not wanting to go back.)
I like Ms. J; she's no-nonsense, but she obviously loves the kids. I think that's just what L needs, too. She's been queen of the castle up til now, and I think some routine and structure will help her gain a little better control of her emotions and willfulness too. (Imagine, a child of mine and P's willfull! Who'da thought?) :)

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