Sunday, December 02, 2007

First Sunday down...

Today went very well. Assuming all the compliments were genuine, everyone liked the service and the sermon. I realized about half way through it I was talking in fast forward, but since I annunciate well, I don't think anyone much noticed. The only thing anyone pointed out to me that was "wrong" was that someone had switched off the mic on the pulpit, but I also project well (four years of speech team in hs, thanks Mr. E!), so all that did was make it unable to record, but I'm not somebody who's all sentimental about recording stuff like that, so no big. (It was a recycled sermon anyway. I just tweaked it for a new church.)
The big news is that tomorrow is L's first day of preschool. Yeah, it'll be way harder on me, I'm sure. She's really social and loves to be around other kids. I think she'll have a great time. They go outside for an hour twice a day, they do crafts and sing lots of songs-I know she'll love it. And of course, I will get far more work done without her demanding attention and I'll be able to talk to other adults who come in without interruption, but of course, I will miss her and miss seeing the adorable things she does and says and her saying, "Mommy, I missed you," even though we've been in the same room for the last three hours and all I did was go to the bathroom.
It was strange to take the list and go buy "school" supplies, even for preschool. My little girl is going to her first day of school. She's growing up too fast. No, really, I'm fine. Really.

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