Friday, January 04, 2008


In an institution known for its gossip mongering, you'd think that communications wouldn't be much of an issue. But for some reason, small churches just can't seem to agree on the best way to distribute information to its members. I have found this to be true of most of the small churches I've been a part of, so it's not just an instance of one.
Even though everyone had heard that my husband surprised me by showing up on Christmas Eve unexpectedly within 24 hours of it happening, for some reason it is vitally important that the unchanging date and time of weekly choir practice be printed in the bulletin every week.
Which publication does this or that information belong in? The weekly bulletin, the monthly newsletter, the hallway bulletin board, the website, all of the above? How long does it stay there? And probably worst of all, who gets to decide (meaning, who gets the fallout when someone doesn't like the decision)?
We're working it out here at Church of the Status Quo. Since I hold the titles of both pastor and secretary, there is no doubt who gets the fallout around here. 'Course it's one of those things where ain't no way everybody's gonna be happy all the time. So who do I try to make happy in the end? Why, ME, of course! I do, in fact, know what I'm talking about when it comes to dissemination of information. It's just a matter of bringing them around and having some folks realize that if they're constantly out of town or can't be bothered to pick up a newsletter, they are going to have to find things out on their own since we can't be sending personal reminders to every member of CSQ for every event.
Then there's email. I have an oddly large number of people without it. I cannot figure how anyone today can get by without it. Even my 86 year old grandmother can figure out how to get email. Even if she can't send it, I know she can at least read it. I actually even have one or two people on my session without email. Did I mention that I honestly cannot fathom how people function without at least an email account today? No, you don't have to surf the 'net, or even (gasp!) blog, but how do you not have email?!
Next post: "You don't like the hymns I picked?! Then you go find me some words to tunes that don't stink and are theologically appropriate and go with today's lection!"

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