Sunday, August 27, 2006

blessings and then some

Before I count my blessings so to speak, I was musing about spiritual disciplines. My DH does his devotions before bed, and swears that on the nights he's too tired to read them, he doesn't sleep as well. I usually do mine in the mornings, but I'm thinking of switching to see if reading them at night would help my sleep as well. If anyone has any musings on such things, let me know. I think I will try switching times for a week, do a little experiment and see how it goes. I will post my findings.

Today's Blessings:
  • a little girl telling bed time stories to her favorite doll (in 2 year old language)
  • learning a new card game to spend time with DH
  • a bath and a trashy romance novel (guilty pleasure) with no interuptions


Teri said...

I find that doing them at night leads to sleeping rather than focusing. Perhaps because I run too hard (or too late) before any case, I often finish up in the morning when I try for evenings.

I think you should turn off comment moderation--because it's a lot of work. :-)

see-through faith said...

do two separate ones, the morning ones help me wake up and focus my day on God :D