Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today's Blessings

  • A 2 year old splashing in a bubble bath
  • hubby coming home tomorrow after a long absence
  • last night's rain
  • the first blush of red on my tomatoes
  • the second flush of blooms on my red rose bush ( I thought it was dead there for a while)
  • the amazingly bright flash of yellow from a passing goldfinch

What are your blessings today?


Teri said...

I found you! granted, I used google because you aren't on the revgal blogroll yet (they have to add you by hand), but i still found you on the first try! (I knew what to look for, thanks to our car conversation!)

RE the power of chocolate, you should read reverendmommy's post about chocolate as a health food.

you'd better add a link to me in your sidebar! :-)

hipastorzwife2B said...

My 2.5 year old loves the bathtub too. Its practically a reward! Not like when I was a kid.
Maybe we didn't have enough bubbles?

Sally said...

I love the way you see blessings in colour!

mid-life rookie said...

Hi Rivkah,
I'm also new to blogging and to revgalblogpals. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I'm adding you to my favorites, and to my blog if I ever get that tech-wise. In which denomination are you a candidate? Keep moving forward & enjoy age 2. I miss the closeness that is not as easy to get with a teenager.

revabi said...

Good for starting your blog, and joining the RevGalBlogPals. You are now on your way. I like how you identified the blessings for the day. Sweet ones at that. Welcome to RevGalBlogPals

Emily said...

Welcome to the blogging world and to the RGBP! I'm fairly new myself - only been blogging since the end of May.

I love to seek out the little blessings in life that often get overlooked. I write them down and place them in a blessings jar. So I'll join in your reflection today.

Today's blessings:
-a gift of homemade shortbread from a dear old lady in the church
-bubbles floating through the air

Cathy said...

Simple pleasures!
Welcome to REvGalBlogPals - and another Georgia (though I am just above the Flordia border!)