Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Another day, another... to send a PIF to. Well, since I'm still waiting around to hear from the other two, might as well hedge my bets. This one sounds up my alley theologically, it's in a city that P can almost certainly find a job in, so might as well test the waters and see if they're interested. I was surprised to hear Dad say that when he was looking for churches back in the day, most pastors and churches only looked at one church/candidate at a time. All I can say is, I don't have that kind of patience. Besides, I like to have options. :) What do some of you RGBP's think about that? I'm sure different denominations have different regulations, too.
On a completely different note, all you moms who might be reading this, got any ideas on what to do with frozen bananas? I have 10 or 12 in the freezer now that L's favorite thing to do is beg and plead for a banana, take one bite and be done. I try to convince her that she really doesn't want it, but she insists and it IS fruit and healthy and I don't want to discourage her eating good things, but... anyway, any ideas? We can only eat so much banana bread.


Teri said...

dip them in chocolate. they sell those in stores now, which is dumb since you can do it yourself.
I guess that makes fruit less healthy, but hey--it's still fruit!

good luck with that whole call-process thing. it's lame. I hope it starts going more quickly!

reverendmother said...

Hmmm... smoothies?