Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Five: Big Event Edition

Did you know that the major purpose for forming a non-profit, RevGalBlogPals, Inc., was to be able to attract grant support for a large scale RevGalBlogPal meetup? My dream from the beginning has been attracting financial support that would allow as many of our bloggers to be together as possible.
RGBP, Inc. now has a planning committee, and we are in the early stages of planning the RevGalBlogPal Big Event. What, When, Where and Who are all on the table at the moment. In that spirit, I bring you the Big Event Friday Five.
1. What would the meeting be like? (Continuing Ed? Retreat? Outside Speakers? Interest Groups? Workshops? Hot Stone Massages? Pedicures? Glorified Slumber Party?)

I'm thinking sort of a combo of the above. Kind of a girlfriends get together, informal time to talk about what we do and how we do it, bring in a speaker and have a few groups or workshops. I think that having ample unstructured time would be good so people who know each other can catch up and people who don't can meet and find out about God's work through other's lives.

2. When in 2008 might you be able to attend? January? Shortly after Easter? Summer? Fall? Some other time?

Can't say at this point. Though I vote in warmer weather (refer below), maybe in May sometime.

3. Where would your dream meeting location be? (Urban Hotel? Rural Retreat Center? New England Camp? Southwestern Fantasy Hotel? Far away from civilization? Nearby Outlets or Really Great Thrift Stores?)

Oh, I so vote for a beach area! Outer Banks are my personal fave!

4. Who would make a great keynote speaker? (That's if #1 leads us in that direction.)

I kinda think it might be fun to invite PeaceBang to speak or at least do a workshop. I know lots of us read her Beauty Tips for Ministers site and she seems like someone I'd love to meet!

5. Did I leave out something you want to suggest?

Chocolate needs to be incorporated somehow. Maybe a knitting group, for people to share their tips and for anyone who wants to learn.


Diane said...

I like the knitting group idea. It's very therapeutic.

Songbird said...

Chocolate and knitting, definitely!

Sally said...

woo hoo for beaches, well played.... as for the essential nature of chocolate- well of course it is an essential!

revabi said...

How could I forget chocolate.
Good play. You be sure to be there.